Safe and healthy – pure breathing air under water

Your customers confide in you as their tour operator. They expect that you cooperate with selected partners only who fulfil the most stringent criteria due to which you are able to guarantee the health and safety of your customers. In this perspective the German Federal Court of Justice implemented a fundamental decision in 2007 which stipulated that the tour operator shall carry out stringent on-site inspections of the service provider and that the tour operator shall and will be held liable in case of any claim.

The quality of breathing air is of eminent importance to the sports diver since his or her life is depending on it. As global market leader for breathing air compressor units, BAUER KOMPRESSOREN is fully aware of its responsibilities and therefore started a worldwide information and quality campaign for pure underwater breathing air known as the BAUER PureAir Standard.


The BAUER PureAir Standard offers you a trustworthy guidance whilst selecting reliable diving centres since the exclusive BAUER PureAir seal guarantees your customers that they really receive the purest breathing air which automatically minimizes the chance of you being held liable.