The safety systems from BAUER KOMPRESSOREN

Outstanding quality and continuous monitoring: BAUER KOMPRESSOREN never makes any compromises concerning the safety and health of divers.

BAUER purification systems

Purification is of eminent importance in perspective to health protection. Without proper purification remainders of oil, water, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide will contaminate the compressed air. It therefore is most obvious that the purification system is the all decisive factor in processing breathing air.

All BAUER high pressure breathing air compressors are equipped with field-proven purification systems.These purification systems provide for the use of genuine BAUER filter cartridges a reliable breathing air purification in accordance with DIN EN 120211.

These purification systems eliminate humidity and residual oil in the compressed breathing air. Furthermore, filter cartridges as applied on all BAUER high pressure breathing air compressors with combustion engines (either petrol or diesel) additionally convert carbon monoxide into harmless carbon dioxide by means of a special catalyst.

Read about the dangerous effects these substances have in case purification is not applied

BAUER SECURUS filter monitoring

The filter cartridge shall be handled correctly and exchanged on time. The BAUER electronic filter cartridge saturation control SECURUS continuously monitors the saturation of the filter cartridge by moisture which is actually measured inside the filter cartridge. This measuring sensor is part of the filter cartridge and is automatically renewed whilst exchanging the cartridge. Mean time calibration is not required, just “plug-and-play”.   
Furthermore, SECURUS gives warning prior to cartridge exchange and automatically shuts down the compressor installation as soon as the cartridge is saturated by moisture prior to being exchanged.
Furthermore, SECURUS is fail-safe since it shuts down the compressor installation, too in the unlikely case a failure is detected in the system itself.

SECURUS therefore secures purity of the breathing air, optimum use of the filter cartridge life span as well as user safety.

1 If the standard limits of the CO2 concentration in the intake air are not exceeded.