Safe and healthy – pure breathing air under water

As a diving centre you bear an important responsibility; the diver’s life actually is in your hands!

In perspective to that considerable responsibility, dedication must be regarded as the key word, especially regarding a subject which is often not recognized or even neglected: the dangers which may arise due to contaminated air. Improper operation of compressors, poorly maintained installations and the use of non-genuine or self-filled filter cartridges may indeed lead to fatalities!

BAUER PureAir for breathing

Never subject your customers to fatal risks caused by contaminated air! These risks can be avoided against relatively low expenditure.

As global market leader for breathing air compressor units, BAUER KOMPRESSOREN is fully aware of her responsibilities and therefore started a worldwide information and quality campaign for pure underwater breathing air known as the BAUER PureAir Standard.

Gain the confidence of your customers and get certified according to the BAUER PureAir Standard!

Show your true colours and provide the purest breathing air at your diving centre!