BAUER PureAir certification

"PureAir – Safe Diving": high quality breathing air is the most important element of your diving equipment. Insufficiently or even non-filtered air from the compressor may jeopardize the health and even the life of any sports diver.

With the BAUER PureAir campaign BAUER KOMPRESSOREN offers any diver an easy-to-use guidance for selecting trustworthy filling stations. Due to state-of-the-art technology as well as intensive training, the diving centres are able to meet the highest standard due to which these centres are certified by means of the exclusive BAUER PureAir seal, born by those who operate BAUER high pressure breathing air compressors only.

The exclusive BAUER PureAir seal makes sure that any diver really receives pure breathing air.

BAUER PureAir stations must meet stringent criteria

Certification is world-wide done through authorized BAUER partners only due to whom BAUER KOMPRESSOREN is able to ensure that the required know-how is properly passed on and that installations and operators are audited by nothing but experts.

BAUER partners inspect the air quality before awarding certification which is mandatory to be repeated every twelve months.
Breathing air quality measurement comprises measurement of the water content as well as the remaining concentrations of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and oil according to the stringent standard DIN EN 120211.

Certified BAUER PureAir stations must operate BAUER high pressure breathing air compressors which are equipped with the BAUER electronic filter saturation control SECURUS which avoids delays and incorrect exchanges of filter cartridges thus eliminating a main source for contaminated air.

The BAUER PureAir seal and certification as well as the mandatory application of SECURUS as well as regular air quality measurement automatically lead to enhanced safety for both divers and installation operators. The use of latest state-of-the-art equipment and genuine consumables as well as the continuous monitoring and maintenance according works specifications lead to a continuous and high quality level. All of that will never leave you breathless!!

1 All components of breathing air according to DIN EN 12021 are measured with exception of the oxygen content.